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Calculating Drapery Yardage

Estimated Measurements for Curtains

Length of PanelsDescription
____________finished length (inches)
+ 16″for hems
+ ____________repeat of design (inches)
= ____________ length needed for (1) “panel” in inches
Number of Panels
____________width of window + moldings (inches)
x 2.5 for normal gathering/ pleating fullness & hems & “stack”
= ____________ fabric width needed for curtain
/ 54″ (or correct width of fabric)
+ ____________ number of panels (round this number UP to the next whole number.
Yardage Needed
____________length for (1) panel (inches)
x ____________number of panels
= ____________ inches of fabric needed
/ 36″to convert to yards
= ____________yards needed for (1) window

* Please note that these measurements are estimations. The aggregate sum required for your project may vary slightly. Please consult a professional if you are unsure. Fabric Town accepts no responsibility for imprecise measurements.