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Fabric Types


AcetateSoft, crisp feel and durable.Clothing, uniforms, lingerie, linings, interlinings.
AcrylicDurable, soft and wooly feel.Used as replacement of wool.
AlpacaVarious weaves, knits and weights.Fine, silk-like, soft, lightweight, and warm.Men’s and Women’s suits, coats, and sportswear, linings, sweaters.
Angora goatVarious weaves and knitted.Smooth, very strong, and high luster.Carpet, upholstery, curtain, and automobile cloth.
Angora rabbit Various weaves and knitted. Long, very fine, light weight, extremely warm and fluffy. Knit wear – gloves, scarves, sweaters, etc. for children and women.
Beaver Soft, silky, shiny. Fur coats, trimming fur and fabric garments.
Broadcloth Plain weave. Closely woven with smooth finish. Shirts, dresses, particularly the tailored type in plain colors, blouses, summer wear.
Camel hair Twill or plain Light weight, lustrous and soft. Coats, ladies' suits, sports coats, sweaters, a few covers and put in some pricey oriental mats. Additionally utilized in (fine) over-covering, top-covering, hosiery and transmission belts.
CanvasPlainMostly rugged. Hair canvas is an interfacing material in various weights.
Cashmere (Kashmir) All weaves but mostly plain or twill. All knits. Soft, silky and very lightweight. Knitted into sweaters for men and women, also women’s dresses.
Challis PlainSoft and very lightweight. Women’s and children’s dresses and blouses, kimonos, neckties, and sportswear.
Chiffon Plain. Lightweight, sheer, and transparent. Evening wear, blouses and scarves.
CrepeMostly plain but various weaves. Crinkled and puckered surface with rough feel and appearance. Depending on weight, it is used for dresses of all types, including long dinner dresses, suits, and coats.
DamaskFigured on Jacquard loom. Reversible fabric with woven pattern. Sheds dirt.
DenimTwill – right hand – may be L2/1 or L3/1. Originally had dark blue, brown or dark gray twist with a white or gray filling giving a mottled look and utilized distinctly for work clothes. Comes in overwhelming and lighter weights.Pants, caps, uniforms, bedspreads, slipcovers, draperies, upholstery, sportswear.
DouppioniPlainIrregular with many slubs. It is imitated in rayon and some synthetics
Drill TwillCloser, flatter wales that gabardine. Uniforms, work clothes, slip covers, sportswear, and many industrial uses.
FlannelUsually twill, some plain. Soft, with a napped surface that partially cancels the weave. Dull finish. Made in a variety of weights. Shrinks if not pre-shrunk. Sags with wear, unless underlined. Does not shine or hold a crease. Blazers, dresses, skirts, suits and coats. Boys suits, jackets, and shirts.
GabardineSteep twill Clear finish, tightly woven, firm, durable. Wears extremely well. Inclined to shine with wear. Hard to press properly. Men’s and women’s tailored suits, coats, raincoats, uniforms, and men’s shirts.
GeorgettePlainIt is characterized by it’s crispness, body and outstanding durability. It is sheer and has a dull face.
Herringbone twill TwillIt is usually created in wool and has varying qualities. Suitings, top coatings, sports coats.
HoundstoothBroken twill weave. Weaned into an irregular check of a four pointed star. Weaned into an irregular check of a four pointed star.
MohairPlain or twill or knitted. Smooth, glossy, and wiry. Linings, pile fabrics, suitings, upholstery fabrics, braids, dress materials, felt hats, and sweaters.
NylonStrong, impervious to both scraped area synthetics. It is flexible, simple to wash and is very glossy. It returns effectively to it's original shape and is non-absorbent. It is quick drying, impervious to certain colors.Women’s hosiery, knitted or woven lingerie, socks and sweaters.
Organdy PlainMade with tightly twisted yarns. Crispness is due to a finish with starch and calendaring which washes out, or a permanent crispness obtained with chemicals. Wrinkles badly unless given a wrinkle-free finish. Collars and cuffs, artificial flowers, millinery, summer formals, blouses, aprons.
Organza PlainFine, sheer, lightweight, fresh texture. It has an exceptionally wiry feel. It smashes or muddles decently effectively, however it is handily squeezed. Dressy sort of texture, now and again has a shimmering sheen.Evening dresses, trimming, millinery, underlinings for delicate, sheer materials.
Oxford Plain variations – usually basket 2 x 1. Twist has two fine yarns which travel as one and one heavier delicately spun massive filling which gives it a container weave look. Or maybe substantial.Men’s shirts mostly. Summer jackets, shirts, skirts, dresses, and sportswear.
PolyesterIt is lightweight, strong and resistant to creasing, shrinking, stretching, mildew and abrasion. It is readily washable and is not damaged by sunlight or weather and is resistant to moths and mildew. Vary, depending on blend.
PongeePlainLight or medium weight. Dresses, blouses, summer suits.
RayonIt¹s drapability and dyeability are astounding and it is genuinely delicate. Rayon tends to recoil however doesn't soften in high temperatures. It is impervious to moths and isn't influenced by ordinary family unit blanches and synthetic compounds.Clothing, hose.
SateenSateen filling-face weave. Lustrous and smooth with the sheen in a filling direction. Better qualities are mercerized to give a higher sheen. Dresses, sportswear, robes, pajamas.
SatinSatinUsually has a lustrous surface and a dull back. Made in many colors, weights, varieties, qualities, and degrees of stiffness. Slips, evening wear, coats, capes, and jackets, lining fabrics, millinery.
SpandexIt is lightweight and adaptable. It opposes deterioration from sweat, cleanser and body oils. It is portrayed by it¹s quality and solidness.Athletic wear and foundation garments.
TaffetaUsually plain with a fine cross rib. It is smooth with a sheen on its surface. The textures vary considerably. They have a crispness and stiffness. Dressy evening wear: suits and coats, slips, ribbons, blouses, dresses.
TussahUsually plain but also in twill. It is coarse, strong, and uneven. Dull luster and rather stiff. Has a rough texture with many slubs, knots, and bumps. In lighter weights, dresses. In heavier weights, coats and suits and ensembles.
VelourThick, plush pile, with a plain or satin ground, or sometimes knitted. The heap is described by lopsided lengths (generally two) which gives it a harsh look. The two lengths of heap make light and shaded regions on a superficial level. A fairly pebbled impact.Dressing gowns, dresses, waist-coats.
VelvetPile, made with an extra warp yarn. velvet might be squash safe, water safe, and window hangings well. Must be maneuvered carefully, and pushed on a velvet board.Evening-wear, at home wear.
VoilePlain, loosely woven. Sheer and exceptionally light weight. To get a top quality texture, exceptionally wound yarns are utilized. Voile window hangings and assembles well indeed.Dresses, blouses.
WoolIt is very resilient and resistant to wrinkling. It is renewed by moisture and well known for it’s warmth. Clothing, blankets, winter wear.